File finder, NEW TOOL

Today, I have created a new tool called File finder.

You cannot find a file on your computer?

File finder is here to help you!

You can find a file with a name, creation date or file extension.

You can combine creation date, name,  and file extension to have more chance to find it.


Try it here :

(Download the .exe file,  pass the windows security screen because File finder has no certification because it’s too expensive, and find!).

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New game “Few Seconds”

Here, after a lot of hard work, I finally released a demo of the game “Few Seconds”.

For those who do not know the game, Few Seconds is a 2D game for Android whose goal is to help a hair ball to find his lost objects.

But it’s not so simple. There are holes, obstacles to not touch end levels are getting harder.

Link of the game :

Try the game!




My new game “Planet Run”!

The aim of the game?
You are on a planet, you have to touch the energy ball with the joystick.
But beware, there are obstacles to avoid because if you touch them, you lose.
The higher you climb the levels, the more difficulty is growing.
There are 10 levels!
All this without ads!

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Link of Planet Run (Android) :

Link of game video :